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Thought I would do a quick post on twitter today.
I do NOT profess to be an expert by any means, I`m still learning like everyone else, but what knowledge I have gained I am happy to share with you.
If you have any hints or tips please leave them in the comments. Thank you.

I was on twitter and someone who had followed me, tweeted me asking me to follow back and then asking for any tips.
Tip number one was DON`T tell people to follow you back. The reason? It annoys many people. Me? If I have followed the person, then the next thing I do is UNfollow pointing out that it`s a choice NOT mandatory.
When someone follows me I go and look at their tweets and the type of thing they retweet.
Now everyone is different of course and what they look for is different. I don`t want negativity on my timeline. Bad language is very negative whatever it`s about and that`s a definite Don`t follow or an Unfollow for me. I also don`t like to see a timeline filled with names. On a Follow Friday it`s expected, but not all day and every day. But that`s just me.
That particular person escaped the unfollow because he asked for help and tips. Which then started me thinking that I hadn`t done anything like this for a while and lot`s of new people join twitter every day and are looking for pointers.
Here goes:
1) Don`t follow people indiscriminately in the hope they`ll follow back. They probably won`t.
2) Do look at others timeline`s and retweet interesting tweets, follow them if you find what they have to say interesting or you have common interests.
3) If you are promoting your business DON`T just have an endless line of business tweets, it`s boring.
I used to do that at the beginning because I didn`t really GET twitter.
4) Do chat about things that interest you, because the chances are it will interest others too.
At first it will feel as though you are talking to yourself and much of the time you probably will be, but persevere, it`s worth it.
5) DO retweet others who retweet your tweets, if not thank them for the RT. Reply to tweets as well, it helps to make connections.
Retweets and making connections is what it`s all about. When someone RT`s your tweet it goes through their timeline and is seen by their followers who may or may not RT it too and then the ripples spread outwards as more people get to see it.
If you are promoting anything at all THAT is the main objective, to get that or those tweets ReTweeted.
Of course while others are retweeting they may look at your timeline and decide to follow you. A double bonus.
6) A pet hate of mine is seeing timeline`s filled with capital letters, it`s like shouting all the time, it`s very off putting. Great to emphasize something but not good all the time. Personally I take one look and run for the hills.

The more followers you have, the more potential to get seen and retweeted.
If you regularly retweet others they will do the same for you.
DON`T however do it with that expectation, not everyone will. But I have to say, that`s their loss.

If someone asks for an RT for a particular tweet, I check it first, I don`t retweet just anything. If it`s for a good cause and I have a few minutes, then I might go to their timeline and RT a few other tweets of theirs.

If you have a FaceBook business page link it to twitter so that any posts are seen on twitter too. DONT do it the other way round, like I did once, as you end up with all the twitter posts in an endless stream on your page. I accidentally did it on my main page once. Oooopps!!

I look at it that we are here to help others when we can in life and for me that relates to all parts of life including social media.

Ahhhh.... one last thing I learn`t the other week. Don`t use up the entire 140 characters if you can help it, especially if you are promoting something. Apparently more people are likely to read it if it`s shorter and possibly click on the link.
Now how true this is I don`t know, I`m still testing it, but so far it looks like it works.

It`s also better  NOT to overuse hashtags, I have done and not found it detrimental, quite to the contrary but I noticed quite alot of the advice blogs state this. The main thing though is to go with yur instincts.

If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful at all please share for others to see. Thank you.

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