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Decided to go for a bit of romance now that we are closing fast on Valentine`s Day. Already 4 days into February, can you believe it?

Had a busy day yesterday. Had to do some food shopping, which involved 2 supermarkets and then a trip to the DIY shop.
I mentioned to my hubby that I could do with my work table being a bit bigger. So he fought his way through all my stuff to measure it and then enquired as to the dimensions I required. Well... his words were, `how big`? So that was close to my description.
Moving on. So off we went to Homebase, no luck. On to B&Q and looking better. White? he enquires. Prefer wood grain, says me. What did we come out with? Yep, you guessed. White! Still it did the job and I actually prefer it now which is a bonus.
Once we were home I had to clear my stuff so he could get in there, so I also had a tidy up too. Now I actually have room on my table everything around it is very neat and packed away and I know where everything is.
.... And I reckon it could stay tidy for at least a couple of days...... maybe ........
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Romance and love is alive and well,
from these delightful goodies I can tell.
Pink and red are the colour for passion
neither ever seeming to go out of fashion.
Pink`s a colour for romance to bloom
for love that cuts through the gloom
Something big or small to mark the day,
declares love, more than words can say.
. Although it`s really not what you spend
that will produce a lasting dividend,
it`s the time and the effort, you put in,
because anything less would be a sin.
Valentine`s day will be here very soon,
get flowers and candles for an added boon.
Set the scene and you`re bound to get lucky,
because the prize always goes to the plucky.
You`ll win the heart of the one who`s so fine
and you`ll be saying, `please always be mine`!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous display of romantic creations from the shops of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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