Hot Stuff #Etsy

Apparently the first Monday after the New Year has been termed blue Monday as many people feel so low on that day. Many are going back to work, kids are either back at school or getting ready to return and all of January is stretching ahead of us. It`s a long time to pay day and many are feeling strapped for cash after the expensive Christmas season.
So yesterday I did a bright and sunny blog to cheer folks up and today we have bright and cheerful red. Warming and guaranteed to brighten the day with all this Hot Stuff. I hope you enjoy them.

Me? I didn`t really do much at all yesterday. Did up 2 parcels of sold items, one went off to the United States where many of mine go to and the other was in the UK.
I went to Sainsbury`s to change an item I`d bought for my grandson that didn`t work. They changed it quite happily, so one little boy was very happy he had his Lego torch back and working.
But apart from that I wasn`t productive at all. I thought about doing various things but didn`t do much at all in the end, sometimes though it`s good to have a break from making.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

I`ve got some hot stuff for you.
Did the title giver you a clue?
Or did your mind go into over drive
wondering what would be on here live?
Tut, tut to you if that`s the case
now take that look off your face.
As if I`d have any naughty stuff,
now don`t go waltzing off in a huff.
It`s all just for a bit fun
to take the mind off lack of sun
to give the day a little brightness
to add some levity and lightness.
Off you go, enjoy and browse the red,
this blog is why you got out of bed!!


Red Stained Glass Bird Sunca...

Red Ginkgo Leaf Notecard, Bo...

Leaf Pendant - Red White Sil...

Red Glass Bracelet Love

Earrings - Ruby Red Swarovsk...

Wee Love - Handmade Red Leat...

4 Vintage Red Feathered Bird...

Hand Knitted Gloves - Red, S...

Red Bright Holiday Decor, Th...

Art deco vintage inspired an...

SALE Wash Cloths Red Dish Cl...

MARFA RED - Lucky HorseShoe ...

Matte Red Eyeshadow FATALIT...

Gold Feather Macbook Air lap...

Sale- Red Coral 14K gold fil...

Vintage Womens Ariat RTS Red...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s wonderfully warm display of delights from the sellers of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Nice! Happy New Year to you! Thank you for featuring my crochet handmade Wash Cloths!

  2. You are most welcome, glad you liked it.

  3. What a fun little poem - and gorgeous finds!