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With our wild and blustery weather going on I decided to have some brightness today. We seem to get reasonable calm weather, even sun and blue sky, for a few hours followed by grey cloud and gale force winds, often accompanied by rain. The other day it was hail stones pounding down. Brrr.
So you can see why I quite fancy brightness and a colour that makes me think of warmth and summer.

Yesterday, by late morning I was feeling very virtuous having done food shopping and alot of housework. I felt I had earned my Sunday lunch out at the local pub where they do a wonderful carvery and as a bonus my daughter, son in law and grandchildren came too.
By the time we rolled home we were all feeling rather stuffed and it was coffee all round for the adults. The youngest two though decided they wanted a lolly and tucked in to one followed by a few other treats. Amazing the amount they can put away. Bless them.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

We want sun, bring it on
right now, it`s here and gone.
Would love a bit of warmth too
but for now that just isn`t due.
Instead I can hear the wind howl
and have to say, the sound is foul.
The clattering of things flying around
and then loudly crashing to the ground.
No stars out, just the cloud cover
hugging them tight like a lover.
Then they race on through the night
not much of a pleasant sight.
Now the celebrations are in the past
the winter and January seem to last
for ever, dragging endlessly on and on
I just wish it would soon be gone.
With longing we all await the spring
for buds to burst and birds to sing!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s splendid sunshiney display of delights from the shops of Etsy.
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  1. Wonderful!! Thank you so much for including me!