Santa`s Here!! #Etsy

It`s a busy old time of year for many right now, especially for Santa Claus or Father Christmas, whichever name you know him by. Around the world they all have their own name and legends surrounding him. For the children, none of that matters as long as he appears or at least leaves some presents.

I`ve been playing with my needle felting more lately, especially the needle felting sculptures. At the moment I have four all in various stages of being made. I do like variety and as each one takes many hours, I have a tendency to swap around which one I am working on. It`s very enjoyable though, seeing the soft sculpture taking shape and emerging from a bundle of wool.
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Santa has been with a jingle and rustle,
no hanging about it`s all rush and bustle.
Each child tiptoes in the hush
before dawn begins to flush
the sky and start the day
sending the night on it`s way
Then every child busily sifts
through their pile of gifts.
Sparkly paper flies everywhere
as they hurry on without a care.
Christmas comes just once a year
and they`ll enjoy it never fear.
Their faces alight with joy
as they unwrap every toy!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s wonderful display of Santa`s from Etsy.
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  1. Cute!! What sweet Santas you have found!!

  2. Thank you, they are all rather gorgeous aren`t they.