March of the Snowmen #Etsy

Still keeping with the seasonal theme you notice but this time it`s snowmen.
I mean who can resist them, they look so cute. I think it was the short film The Snowman that started the real love affair for most of us and I have to say it hasn`t really waned.
Mind you for many it takes us back to childhood. Playing in the snow, building a snowman, rosy cheeks, having fun and going into a warm brightly lit home afterwards to dry out and get warm again. I love it too. I can remember building an igloo with my brother, it was plenty big enough for both of us to sit in, lot`s of snowman making, the odd fort too.
I used to enjoy playing in the snow with my daughters and have had fun making snowmen with the grandchildren too.
I always think it`s important to keep your sense of fun and just have a go and importantly to let go and enjoy yourself with children and grandchildren.
I confess that I`m the one at the supermarket whizzing down the aisles on the trolley given half a chance and always whizzing across the supermarket car park to return the trolley. I love that job.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Have fun playing in the snow
you`re never too old you know.
Always keep a sense of fun
until your time is done
Laughter makes the world go round
it`s always such a lovely sound.
Enjoy singing out loud
you should smile and be proud.
Whatever makes you happy, DO,
it really is good for you.
Run, jump, dance and play
have some fun every day.
Ignore every single frown
don`t allow it to pull you down.
Do whatever makes you feel good
it makes sense, you know you should!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous and cute display of snowmen and snow mouse from the wonderful shops of Etsy.
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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my fabric-covered button snowman ornaments! I loved looking through and seeing all the different styles of snowmen! Great job curating :)