Flying Insects #Etsy

This was from a treasury of mine that I did last month. Lots of people do love butterflies, bees, ladybirds and moths etc, so I thought this too might give ideas for gifts.
You might be thinking `it`s too soon`m but it`s really not far away now. It seems that once Guy Fakes is passed that`s it, we race towards Christmas at breakneck speed.
I really need to get some presents sorted myself, so this will aid me too.
I watched the most amazing sunrise this morning, it seemed to last for an age. It gradually appeared with orange and gold and then suddenly the whole sky was ablaze with red, just stunning.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

The sunrise began with gold and yellow
then all of a sudden it seemed to bellow.
Look at me as I push away the night
stop and see the glorious sight.
I watched with awe upon my face
as it really picked up the pace.
Gold became orange so fast
I thought it would soon be past.
But no, the sky caught on fire
as the sun rose ever higher
reaching for the horizon line
then passing it looking fine.
Red spread all across the sky
with so many shades up on high.
A stunning and uplifting way
for me to start the new day!!

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bee necklace - amber necklac...

Steampunk Blue & Yellow Drag...

Golden Bumble Bee Bobby Pin ...

Hand made greetings card, an...

Ladybird Cushion- Ladybird t...

DRAGONFLY Watercolor print b...

Handmade quilled birthday ca...

Made to order - lampwork gla...

Felt baby shoes, green with ...

Animal Brooch, Insect Brooch...

Ladybird / Ladybug Toddler C...

Stained Glass DRAGONFLY Sunc...

iPhone 5 Honeybees, iPhone 5...

Lovely Luna Lunar Moth Butte...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous array of creations from the sellers of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Lovely stained glass dragonfly. Thanks for including my baby shoes!

  2. Gorgeous selection Linda and such a lovely poem, I've seen my fair share of sunrises lately too even after a lie in:)

    Leanne xx