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Today I thought I`d do a quick `help with promotion` blog mainly aimed, I suppose at those who are selling on the various craft sites, including the big ones, Etsy, Wow Thank You and Folksy. Pretty much the same sort of thing for a website too.
One thing I`ve learned is the importance of links. You need to get your links wherever possible and there atre plenty of sites where you can add your shop or item links for free.
The main ones you need of course, are Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for starters. They are ideal platforms for the crafter to help build their business. Both Facebook and Google+ have a facility for business pages. Sign up to a personal page and then add a business page.
We`ll do those more in depth another time.
For now I want to give you some links you can use.

Craftori.com was originally EtsyLush. They changed the name when they opened the opportunity to advertise to all. The site gets a lot of traffic so it`s worthwhile adding your items here. There are two options Free and Paid. Worthwhile taking a look at both.

Pinterest.com This is a site that`s really taken off and is great for advertising your wares. The more an item gets repinned the more coverage it gets. I have discovered that the more items you pin the more followers you seem to gain.

Stumbleupon.com It`s a site worth joining as it is very popular and gives your items a wider coverage. Here is a link for a HELP guide

100craftlinks.com This is a craft directory where you can add a shop or website link with a description. You do need to go back every so often and re-add your link as with each new one added yours moves down. There are only ever 100 links.

Kaboodle.com Join and add items from your shop or website. I do belong to this site and add items periodically but need to do more with it. You can follow others and gain followers too. One way of getting extra interest is to do style boards or run a poll. The poll can be as basic as having a few of your items and asking what people prefer.

Tumblr.com A popular site and a good one to join. It originally started as a blogging site I think. You can add items, your own and others for more interest, add links for blog posts, treasuries or anything.

Well there`s a few to be going on with. I hope it helps as a start. I will do this as a regular Saturday blog for the immediate future.
Every little bit of promotion helps. It may seem daunting and time consuming at first, having to add items to various sites on a regular basis but it quickly becomes a routine you can do quickly.
Some sites of course you add your shop or website link once and that`s it.

If you found this blog helpful please share so that others can make use of the information too.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you`ll come back soon.

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