Whinge & a Bit of Holiday!

Oh dear me!!! I have returned to find that blogger has changed on me. Isn`t it enough to have Sites changed and twitter changed followed by facebook being altered without blogger changing too? What is wrong with them all? If it ain`t broke then don`t fix it! I freely admit to being a bit of a dinosaur. When I am happy with something I want it to stay that way. Blogs take enough time to do without adding extra time finding my way round a completely new layout. Aaaarggghhh!! I have to say that I am getting awfully tired of people changing all my stuff without even the courtesy of asking. Why can we not have the option of having the new or keeping the old layout? It`s obvious really I suppose. Everyone would opt for the old style. Or I should say most people would opt for the original style. If you have a busy life, learning a whole load of new stuff just isn`t an option. Anyway.... whinge over for the minute. Aren`t you glad I`m back? I am back from my holiday with a nice cold as a momento and hubby has a chest infection. On the plus side it has been so windy that I have got all my washing done and dry. All I need is my ironing fairy to want to earn lots of pocket money as the ironing pile is huge. We went on a cruise to the Canary Islands and it was lovely. The weather was mild and we saw a bit of sun although it was mainly cloudy. We did have a little bit of rain too. As you can imagine I ate far too much and enjoyed every mouthful. Nothing like having it cooked for you and no washing up to do. Somehow that makes it all the more appealing and taste so much better. Luckily... or not.... depends how you look at it really... feeling unwell with sinus and a cold put me off my food a bit at the end so I don`t think I gained much weight. That could of course be wishful thinking.. I haven`t yet had the courage or inclination to step on the scales. As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

On a day trip to a volcano I went,
believing the opportunity was heaven sent.
But each new terrifying drop
made the trip more of a flop.
Then we reached the top, much worse
my vertigo was a real curse.
Why I didn`t check, I don`t know,
it made the reality a real blow.
My whole body felt like jelly,
with nausea welling in my belly.
What should have been a pleasure
giving wonderful memories to treasure
was more of the nightmare kind
not something many understand I find.
Children went round without a care
where I wouldn`t, for a million pound dare.
I walked on lava, I`m glad I went anyway
not really what I call fun and play!!

Two swans made from hand towels, left by our cabin steward, a really nice man. SHOP NAME 3 SHOP NAME 4
A couple of pics looking into the volcano we visited. Pictures taken by holding the camera over the wall at arms length. It didn`t occur to me that a volcano would be at a great height with sheer drops and mostly no barriers between yourself and said sheer drops. There were better vantage points of course that didn`t include a low wall, like the actual rim of the crater. The rim wasn`t overly wide and fell away either side with nothing to stop me falling away, so i didn`t walk round. For some very strange reason I had TV documentary ideas in my head where the ground is a very long slope up to the crater. Even stranger was that I didn`t really read the description of the trip. Seeing something like vertigo sufferers should avoid would definitely have put me off. Still, I am glad I went despite the sheer terror inducing drops.... or at least I was glad I had been once it was over.


  1. Isn't it a pain when things change? I'm just starting to understand the new blogger, by the time I have it all learnt it will probably change again!

    Hope you feel better soon!


  2. I do hate things I`m used to, changing. Although I am getting used to this one surprisingly quickly.
    Still can`t get used to the FB one, ned to spend sme time on it I suppose.

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  4. I agree with how annoying all these changes are, and most of the time they don't really make it better. Love the swans, what a cute thing to do. Am amazed that there is so much greenery inside a volcano, but lovely that you went to see it. Hope you and hubby feel better soon though!

  5. Thanks Hannelore. The greenery was surprising to us too.

  6. Great to see you back Linda, you are all doing better than I with the new blogger I just cannot work it out, cant even manage to put pictures on anymore so really fed up with it, agree it would be nice to have the option to stay with what we 'know'.