A bit of Waffle and Rhyme.

I am having a break for a couple of weeks and so this blog will lie dormant in that time. Well... unless the deprivation gets too much and I decide to add some waffle and a bit of verse.
Mainly though I will be off relaxing and not thinking about anything computer related at all. I may not even do any crochet, although that is less likely. I`m not sure I could actually do nothing at all although I will give it a try. I have plenty of reading material to catch up on but for this time I intend to try and have a complete break from it all.
I`ve been doing this daily blog for over 18 months and it is hard work at times. I do love it too but it does tend to become an obsession, checking views, being up early to do all the promoting and spending a few hours each day preparing it all. I may well do less of them in the future, maybe cut out a couple on the very quiet days, especially during the summer.
I will have to see. Perhaps you could let me know what you think, keeping it clean please, on the merits of producing daily or every other day or just cutting out a couple of days.
Or maybe on two days I`ll just waffle on, a bit like now, and do a little ditty.... or do that every other day....... hmmmmm.
I know, I know.... this will make you all groan. Or maybe leap up and down with delight... who knows. Whichever makes you happy.
I shall leave you with some poems and bits of poems I have written.
Will also add two that were put on a thread on Folksy several weeks ago in an ode to the sales fairy. Hope you find them amusing. The first is by another seller and the second is mine. (Sales fairy ones)
All other poems are my work.

Looks like it`s going to be another nice day
great for holding winter at bay.
Went to a great party last night
some probably won`t feel too bright.
Lot`s of laughter and talking
then plenty of walking
to the bar and back again

But that one step in the great outdoors
was icy cold, there should be laws
against such false representation
there is, not for those that represent the nation.
We all know they tell big fibs
they should all wear very big bibs
to catch the dribble that flies everywhere
as they splutter how they really care.
This year though the lies must end
as people power may very well send
them all to a remote outpost
making sure it`s far from the coast.
Ooops, how did I get so far from sunny weather?
Not sure, but I know we`ll weather any storm together!

The sun is shining but the rain is falling
and I sit and stare, the view calling.
Will there be a glorious rainbow
calling us with its beautiful glow?
The jewel like colours glowing bright,
oh, I love to see this wondrous sight.
It`s always such a magical sight
often bringing a strange light.

Clouds clouds just go away
don`t come back another day,
Why not return at night
then we`ll miss the sight
of the rain falling down
smearing make up like a clown.
Hair bedraggled in rats tails
all because the weather fails
to organise itself just right
and only bring the rain at night!

Here comes the sun gently rising
the sharp frost very surprising.
Sparkling in the early glow
as the sun makes it`s slow
rise into the deep blue yonder
making us gaze and wonder.

Hope you all have a relaxing day
not much more that I can say.
Except sun please come back
else essential vitamins we will lack.
we really need the bright sunshine
mainly because it makes us feel fine!

The sales fairy rhymes.

here’s evidence
and DNA
She’s here abouts -
not far away…
And she’s been spotted,
that’s for certain -
I saw her feet
poke from a curtain!
But now she’s gone
we know not where
It’s like she vanished
in thin air!
I hope, since Valentines’
passed unnoticed,
That she returns
refreshed and focussed,
Bringing with her
that other hunny,
The laughing bouncing
Easter bunny!

We weep and wail, beat our chest
never mind raising the vest.
That would scare one and all
they wouldn`t like that at all.
I clarify here, that I mean me
to raise mine you see
would put them all off their dinner
then I wouldn`t be a winner.
They wouldn`t come near me and buy
and I would be left to sigh
as my clothes fell into rags
and I despondently flipped through mags.
Maybe I should make bunnys
to bring in lots of moneys.
If I could follow a pattern I would
and now I wish I really could.
Why not take pity on me
and come to my shop for a look see!

Hope you enjoyed these little rhymes and will come back to visit upon my return.


  1. I only found your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading it and looking at all the lovely things you put on here I even like reading your poems. When it starts to become a chore then it's time to take time out just as you are doing now but I hope you will still post once you have had your well earned break why not make it once or twice a week instead of every day?

    I look forward to your next post whenever that will be.

    Carol Ann.

  2. enjoy your break, you do so much promoting for all of us you really deserve it!

    Beadingshaz :)

  3. Thank you both very much. I think once i`ve had a break I`ll be back into it with gusto.

  4. I try to blog 2 or 3 times a week and never seem to manage it so admire your dedication. I hope you have a good break and enjoy your time away :-) I hope the sales fairy enjoys your poem and spends some time visiting!

    Jen :-)