Whimsical Wednesday #Handmade #Folksy.

It`s getting so close now, the excitement starting to build. It all happens so fast that we forget to remind ourselves to stop for a minute and look around and really enjoy each moment. Savour being with your loved ones, don`t spend all your time cooking and working, take time to laugh and have fun.
Isn`t it funny how nostalgia overwhelms us at this time of year. We probably think of the past more at this time than at any other time of the year. Well apart from New Year, although that does tend to be more about looking forward and hoping for better, especially if you have had a lot of lows.
I love Christmas, the happy faces and everyone relaxed, just enjoying each others company. All the old stories come out, teasing each other about past events, all good humoured of course.

How are your preparations coming along
are you happy and singing a song?
Mine are further forward today
I am nearly ready for play!
Most presents are wrapped and ready
everythings coming along nice and steady.
The food is pretty much sorted too
just fresh to get at the supermarket zoo.
That will be done in the early morn
way ahead of the new days dawn.
A very early shop on christmas eve,
with the christmas spell starting to weave,
the magic that only Christmas can bring,
while I do my baking I will sing.
My gammon covered in honey will bake
as once more I brandy the christmas cake.
I`ll make sausage rolls and mince pies too
then start preparing for the evening do.
Overexcited children will eat and play
longing for it to be the big day.
The adults all cheery and finally relaxed
not thinking of credit cards that are maxed.
Time to relax, laugh and sing
and wonder what Santa will bring!

Here`s some fun in the selection I discovered for you. I decided to go with the whimsical, cute and fun. Enjoy!

Rabbit Hat - Adult.

Penguin Hat - Adult.

Monkey Hat - Adult.

Hand Knitted Teacosy with Liquorice Sweets by JacksKnits.

Handmade Plush Vampire Bear Toy by Strawberry Kitten.

Diplodocus Dinosaur Necklace by Melanie K Designs.

Blue Flower Fairies by Shimmylicious Jewellery.

Bean Bag for Bears by Bobbin and Bodkin.

Mr Katz Felt Pin Brooch by Kool Kooky Kreatures.

Frog Stained Glass Suncatcher by Joys of Glass.

Cartoon Tote by Not Just Handbags.

Whimsical Tulip Earrings.... by Josephines.

Robin Felt Brooch by Kaela Mills.

Standing Blue Tit by Paper Nature.

Spongebob Squarepants Earrings by Winnie World Jewellery.

Toadstool and Ladybird Lapel Pin by Finkstuffs Shop.

Owlets - `Annie` hanging owl decoration by Cupcakejojo Designs.

Sausage dog dachshund keyring by Sarah Norwood.

I hope you have enjoyed this selection as much as I enjoyed discovering them. To get a description of the item, just click on the picture to go to the shop.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. That really made me smile!

    I love the robin and the blue tit!!!!

    Natalie x

  2. A lovely fun collection,thanks for including my cosy :)
    Happy xmas.

  3. Aww...such fab cute and quirky finds. Love the kitty pin!
    Happy Chirstmas!
    ps I like the sound of your gammon. Can I come to your house for Christmas dinner? ;op

  4. I like the owl. so pink!
    Jeanie x

  5. Of course you can Gemma. Wehave turkey for dinner though. The gammon is for tea.