#December Elves Final Showcase. #Handmade #Folksy.

So this is it! The end of a year and the end of another decade! It`s quite scary how fast it all goes. Do you feel that way too?
This blog is a last December Elves blog and the last one of the year too. It is also the last blog of the Decade!
A great big Thank You to Natalie of NOFKants Curios for all her hard work again throughout the month. She keeps the sales tally up to date, cheers us all on, commiserates on the lows and generally encourages us to keep going and support our fellow club members. SO THANK YOU Natalie!!!
I`m quite proud of myself for not waffling on too much today!! YAY ME!!!

This is the very last day of the year
arriving so quick, New Years Eve is here.
This is when we traditionally look back
was your 2010 good, or did it lack?
Was it mostly good all the way
or are shaking your head to say,
thank heavens that one has gone
thank goodness that the year is done!
Mine was filled with highs and lows
that is the way that life often flows.
The lows I had were very bad
they still make me very sad.
But the highs they bring the light
they`re what keeps us in the fight.
Today I`ll look back, glad the years over,
for the next one I`m hoping to be in clover.
Today the December Elves will end
that will be sad too, I can`t pretend,
it`s been so good, like the ones before,
it`s helped send my creations out the door.
The new listing club will start tomorrow
a New Year, a new club, no more sorrow.
Upwards and onwards now I say,
Cos tomorrow is another day!

ACEO Original Watercolour - Meerkat - Alexandr Orlov.

ACEO Original Watercolour - Meerkat - Sergei.

Romantic Floral Dream Hand Crocheted Ladies Top Approx UK Size 10 to 12 by NOFKants Curios.

Frilly Flower Corsage: Pink by The Crafty Little Bead Box.

Picture Jasper and Crystal Necklace/Bracelet by SP Jewellery.

Orange and Lemon Dyed Jade and Polymer Clay Flower Necklace by Maxine Veronica Jewellery and Art.

Mini Photo Album - Marbled Trees by Lilly`s Night Garden.

Maple Seeds Print by Indira Albert.

Wrap Clutch - Ab Fab Flowers by Leanne Woods Designs.

Beautiful Red and Silver Necklace by MarthaMooBeads.

Nautical Ring Gold White Sailor`s Knot Vintage Ring by Silk Purse, Sow`s ear.

Gothic Black Blossom Bracelet by Milliebead.

*SALE* My Lady`s Jewels Cross Necklace by STEAMPUNK STORM.


sterling silver naughty cat necklace from the Sterling Silver Jewellery Collection by HuiYi Tan.

VW Camper Cushion by Top Floor Treasures.

knitted slouchy beanie hat by Hats and More.

Zipped Case For A Kindle 3 Ginkgo by Pipdesigns.

Vintage Drop Brooch by Lonely hearts.

Birthstone guardian angel necklace~January by JCU Designs.

Bookmark Silver and Raspberry Pink by Pretty Beautiful Designs.

Adult Crochet Hat by Eccentric Ella.

Well, quite a selection for the Final Showcase of the December Elves. We have all worked hard to list on as many days as possible, sometimes listing a few a day and occasionally missing some. I think you will agree that there have been many stunning designs on show this month. I only listed ACEO`s today so put them on here. I haven`t put any other art as I am planning a big art showing on New Year`s Day. I hope you will be back for that one. As usual for a description or to visit the shop, just click on the picture.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Thank you so much for including my brooch.

    I love Natalies top, but it may be some time before I can get into it.

    Happy New Year to you and all my fellow Elves.

    Sam x

  2. Thanks for showing my bracelet, I love the campervan cushion,

  3. Thanks so much for including my little photo album. I can't believe where the last year has gone either! So many lovely choices as ever but I particularly like Leanne's wrap clutch and of course, your super-cute meerkats!
    Happy new year to you and everyone else on Folksy!

  4. Thank you so much for including my crocheted floral top in your collection and thank you for your kind words! Loving all your choices, but especially ypur meercats! So cute!

    Natalie x

  5. OMG the meerkats are fantastic, I could never produce anything like that! Thanks so much for including my little clutch bag:)

    Leanne xx

  6. thanks so much for including my necklace, the meercats are brilliant :)

  7. Thank you for including my mountain deep aceo. Your blog is very good. I love the picture of the kitty.