Christmas Day is here!!!!

Finally it`s here!!! The day that we have been building towards for months.
Didn`t get back yesterday to add verse, just too busy having fun. 16 of us for tea, it was wonderful. The children were getting excited. They`d been tracking Santa`s progress on the internet earlier.
There was lots of talkng, some game playing and lots of laughter too. In the midst of it you forget to savor the moment. Now looking back I wish I could bottle it all and keep forever. But life`s not like that so we move forward. Which is also good as its now Christmas Day.
Has Santa been to your house? He`s been here. I washed up and tidied from the remains of last night. But I must say so much of it was done by guests it`s amazing. Wonderful too! That was an amazing Christmas Eve, couldn`t have asked for better.
I will add the linky tool in case anyone wants to add some verse of their own and will probably add more later myself.

Yesterday I was about in the early morn,
was out shopping long before the dawn.
Today, I got up when it was already light,
awake a long while, but the bed put up a fight.
There was a little bit of snow last night
although the extra covering is slight.
Now there`s quite thick fog creating a screen,
From my window not very much can be seen.
I can usually see quite a way
not today on this Christmas Day.
I was hoping for a bit more snowfall
to make a snowman who`s quite tall.
I thought we might play in the snow
to work off dinner and give us a glow.
It`s so very quiet, not a soul seems around
peace and quiet certainly does abound.
But it just seems wrong, cos its Christmas Day.
Will we go see the children and have a play?
I had so many presents, Santa had been
so many more than I had seen.
Went and saw the grandchildren they were full of joy,
it looked like a toy shop, boy, oh boy.
Now it`s nearly time for Christmas lunch
there will be eight of us, quite a bunch.
With a drink in hand for all us
there definstely won`t be a fuss.

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