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Here we are another week gone! The trouble nowadays is that we are all so busy, cramming so much into our lives that it whizzes by too fast. So this weekend take a little time, slow down and really appreciate all thats around you. Take a look outside and take in all the details and enjoy it, if only for a moment. Smile at someone today, say hello and make their day. Chat to that elderly person who wants to talk, it will only take a couple of minutes but will brighten their whole day, you may be the only person they talk to all day. Be kind to yourself and others, smile and be happy.

Sometimes its very hard to even raise a smile,
but if you try, its worth going that extra mile.
A smile makes you feel so much brighter
and the world looks so much lighter.
If you see someone struggle, give a little help
no time, no time do I hear you yelp!!
This world is so busy we forget to look around,
to really see the beauty that does abound.
I`m looking out the window it`s just getting light
its so still and quiet, that star is still so bright.
A light dusting of snow makes everything so white
from where I`m sitting it`s a wonderful sight.
Now there`s colour in the sky a lovely pinky red
Why am I sitting here, I should be still in bed.
Every cloud always has a silver lining,
I might be up early, before the sun is shining
but I see so much I would otherwise miss
So would I exchange it for sleeps kiss?
Now the sun is rising with so much colour in the sky,
orange red and pink so glowing, I can only sigh.
The beauty in the ealy morn looks wonderful to me
but I take the time to look and really see.
I could have stayed in bed and tried to sleep more
but I know it is futile, what would it be for?
So now I am writing this for you in the early morn,
so you can have a chuckle long after dawn!

A very soft warm Hat in Blue and White. A Touch of Luxury.

Ignatius Diddybear by DIDDYBEARS.

Ice White, Swarovski Sparkle Long Necklace by Maxine Veronica Jewellery.

Red and Black Baby Cocoon/Baby Sock by Creative Knits.

Blackwork Xmas Card - Christmas Tree by Lilly`s Night Garden.

***NEW*** The Men`s Collection by Pauline`s Candles.

Knitted Wire Crown or Collar? by Clover Crafts.

Tiny Vintage Gold and Blue Flower Japanese Studs by Silk Purse, Sow`s Ear.

SALE Retro Blue Peanuts Christmas Stocking by Court & Spark.

Newspaper Yarn Art - Framed by Zygote Gifts.

Feather and Crystal Hair Comb by WellyDog Designs.

Coniston Hall by Paul Bailey`s original watercolour landscapes

Hand Carved Pillar Candle by Lumiere Candles.

Evergreen Retro Fused Glass Coasters - Set of 2 by Callula Glass.

Encaustic Wax Card by L`atelier by Anneliese.

Lily Scarf by Broomhead Designs.

Cool Blues Flower Bracelet - Real Leather Medium Size by Artisan Leather.

Christmas Holly Custard Jug by Laura Lee Designs.

Pink Check iPad Case by PipDesigns.

Woven OOAK one-off baguette cushion, wool and bamboo fibres by Eklectikfish.

Pretty good selection methinks for you to choose from. As ever just click on the pictures to go directly to the shop. Enjoy!
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  1. Hi

    Thanks for featuring my newspaper yarn - what lovely things!

  2. Some lovely items there Linda, great verse again too. I love the Coniston Hall painting - spent many a happy time in Coniston.