Happy Tuesday, thinking Christmas.

Morning all. It is a beautiful morning here in Norfolk. A bit chilly still, but as the sun gets higher it will warm up. With the sun out its an odd time to think of Christmas but my browsing has spotted a christmas decoration. With gifts to choose, paper, tags, cards and decorations to buy, alot of people do start early to spread out the cost. What better way than from the comfort of your own home. So much choice for all of you, whether its for you or someone else.
My listing this morning is a gloriously vivid scarflet, embellished with a large flower, for the wearer who dares to be different. Buy for yourself or as a gift. Have a look in my shop for more delectable delights.

On the Christmas theme A Christmas Tree Decoration by Blue Daisy Glass. In her shop are more decorations and lovely things for you to browse, well worth a look.

A great gift, or a treat for yourself. A Pink Mixed Bead Bag Charm by Sprinkles, a shop well worth browsing for gifts or stocking fillers as there are so many lovely things available.

Just spotted this Garden of England Bracelet by Paulaz Jewelz. It would make a wonderful present, especially as there is a matching Necklace. Would you be able to part with it though? Maybe if you had browsed her shop and treated yourself to something else delectable.

A Letter Opener in English Holly made by Diggiwoodturning would make a stunning gift. In this shop there are a variety of beautiful things that would be ideal gifts, but only if you can bear to part with them.

I hope you liked my choice of goodies today. They are all shops worth exploring for treats for yourself or as gifts. Go and have a look for yourself!!!


  1. I love the Christmas tree decoration :)

  2. Lovely! I adored the Christmas tree so much, I had to have it! Also love Roy's Holly letter opener, gorgeous!

    Natalie x