Yesterday I was really busy making delectable delights for the new shop opening on Folksy in September. I have been doing some today but mainly it was grandchildren day. Took one to the cinema to see The Sorcerers Apprentice in the early afternoon after spending a good part of the morning preparing tea. The film was really good, great special effects, a real feelgood film!!
Have just been peaking at the A-Team listings and really liked these earrings from J Austen Jewellery.

These flower earrings are so pretty, from Wellydog Designs.

I know this is a bit early and many may groan, but don`t these Christmas tags look great? They come from Box of Delights.

Couldn`t resist showing this colourful Itsy Bitsy Spider glove puppet from CheeryMishMash.

Spotted this delectable bracelet from Hart Jewellery and had to include it.

This beautiful Rose necklace amkes a great finale from Whimsical Wren.

Don`t forget to have a peek in my shop if you get the chance.


  1. Aw thanks for including my puppet :o) I really like that bracelet from hart Jewellery too :)

  2. Thank you so much for including my Lavender Jade earrings! I love the yellow spider - my boys would adore it!

    Great blog!

    Jacqueline x