I`m Back with Word Art & GIFs

Came to have a look at the blog and noted that I hadn`t written a word since December 2014. Ooooops. Blogging like many other things has fallen by the wayside for quite a long while. Many a time I have had the urge to start again then the orders would come flooding in and that was that. I am going to try and blog a bit more frequently, it certainly won`t be daily and not sure it will even be weekly but I will try. In the last year and a bit my word art has massively increased in the variety I have and in the amount of orders I do. Hence the lack of blogging. I have also discovered GIFs and find them fascinating and fun. I am always searching for different ones to add to my Facebook page occasionally.

I love my work, love what I do
creating amazing word art for you.
I have the best job ever
and I think that`s pretty clever.
In my onesie I go to work
I rarely have the urge to shirk.
Sometimes I watch the sunrise
each one a daily surprise.
I love to watch natures show
enjoying the way the colours flow.
I often admire what other crafters make
marvelling at the time each must take.
Occasionally I take time to smell the roses
and ponder the questions life poses.
Mostly I`m creating in a world of my own
until each new picture is fully grown!



Each picture will click through to my Etsy shop, where you can see more of my work. My website is here. If you enjoyed this blog please share for others to see. Thank you. I hope you will return.


What is Tsu?

I have decided to join a new social media platform called Tsu which is apparently pronounced as Sue.
I had seen a couple of things about it on FB.
Then I saw it mentioned in the Professional Crafters group, so I took the plunge.
Now as any small business owner with an FB page knows there are even more changes going on there once again, starting in January, to reduce our reach unless we pay.
So now many FB business small and micro business users are looking for other social media platforms that will be of help to them and their business.

I have only just joined Tsu and not ventured far into it, so I am a total newbie on this site.
I did however find a blog post about it from Artwork By Angie`s blog I found this blog post helpful and thought it might help others too.

I had a further little exploration and found a much more extensive post/guide that had been shared and clearly new a lot about it by Scott Buehler. I haven`t read the whole post entirely yet, I`m taking in the information in small manageable amounts that are easier to digest, but what I have read I find very interesting.

Over the holidays I shall be looking into it much more to see how useful it will be for me as a small business. What I see so far leads me to think it will be good, I really hope that it will be and that it lives up to the good things I have read so far.

If you click those links and have a read and think to yourself it sounds interesting and you`d like to give it a go, then come say hello to me at Uniquely Your Designs and join.

I usually write a little ditty
but can`t think of anything witty.
Tweaking the brain cells but try as I might
I can`t think of a rhyme about this site.
Instead I`ll say that with holidays near
it`s time to get yourself into gear.
To think of family time and fun
until the celebrations are done.
Then you can look further afield
to see what other sites will yield.

Thank you for visiting, please do come back to visit soon.
If you liked this post and found it helpful and/or useful please share so others can read it too. #ThankYou