Facebook tips

My tips for using Facebook.
First of all I have to say that I am not an expert by any means, nor ever likely to be. Having said that you can`t use any social media platform without learning what works best for you.
Put a link to your business page on your personal page. Most people comment via a personal page, but the person behind the post you commented on cannot find you without a link. A lot miss out on extra likers because they aren`t easily found.
Facebook reach is how many people get to see your post. This no longer depends on how many `likers` or `followers` your business page has, as it did in the past. Now you have to work much harder to improve it or even keep it at a steady level. This is time consuming but worthwhile so that more people get to see your products.
Post regularly, at least once a day to encourage interaction with your posts. The more interaction you get, the more the reach improves. I have also found that if I respond to each comment that seems to make a difference too. I also go and comment on random posts, as I discovered that when I do, the reach figures rise.
I also do my best to comment on at least one post, more if time allows, of those that have commented on my posts. It is after all a two way street. You cannot complain that your reach is poor and no one sees or comments on your posts unless you are prepared to make the effort too.
Many have said that if people don`t reciprocate, they no longer bother with the persons page. They will persevere for a while, then give up. It`s no good flogging a dead horse, as the saying goes.
We all have very busy times where social media has to take a back seat, so you let people know you are taking a break because of the volume of orders/sales/clients etc. Once past it though you renew those efforts once more.
I have also noticed lately that the `reach` goes in waves, climbing steadily, peaking, then going back down steadily. There seems no rhyme or reason to it, I do nothing different, in fact I have increased my efforts at times but it still goes down steadily, pauses, then climbs once more.

Facebook can be the bane of life
those changing numbers causing strife.
Number watching can drive you nuts
considering all the ifs and buts.
In time you`ll find what works for you
understanding the rhythmn is the clue.
Every so often come the dire warnings
for old hands, it causes many yawnings.
They are a business, FB, just like you
they want to increase profits too.
They are going to do their very best
and put us severely to the test
in a bid to get our money
but we don`t find it funny.
FB get your act together
cos we`re at the end of our tether!

I hope you found this helpful, if so please share.
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I`m baaack!! Again!

I began blogging again in January 2016 and really meant to write here more often after that but as is often the way the best intentions fall by the wayside.
Its been a very busy 2 years and that`s an understatement.
There are plenty of word arts out there but I try to make mine just that bit different. To have different pictures, for the people to have a sense of movement and basically to keep finding new ideas and continuing to grow.
I have added alot of new ones since the last blog some of which I will add below.

As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

The road is paved with good intentions
but there`s the thing that no one mentions.
TIME, it`s either too slow
and going with the flow
or way too fast
and seems to just whiz past.
A customer has a question to ask
that turns into quite a task.
Drawing and redrawing until it is right
it becomes a challenge, quite a fight.
I don`t want a ` that will do`
Or have to say, I haven`t a clue.
For me it`s a matter of pride
however bumpy becomes the ride
to fulfil a customer`s desire
is what sets my soul on fire.




Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous array of word art
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