#Christmas is coming #PCG

Why not check out all these fabulous pages of small businesses/crafters who belong to the Professional Crafters Guild. The PCG has created this fabulous book of some of their members, yours truly included to save you time in looking for your Christmas pressies. It`s a no brainer really. Buy something mass produced that millions of people buy/have/receive or something totally unique and well made.
To me making the effort to find something unique that the recipient will love is what Christmas is all about. Not just grabbing the first thing you see while thinking `That will do`
Of course it shouldn`t just be about presents and `getting` things. For many it`s the religious aspect that`s important, for me it`s family. Spending that day with family, enjoying each others company and most of all seeing the children`s faces when they know Santa has been.

Christmas comes but once a year
when we are filled with good cheer.
Fighting through the heaving crowd
and music blaring way too loud.
Queues always so very long
not enough tills open, very wrong.
So why not sit and browse through
maybe while you have a few
chocolates and a glass of wine.
Now wouldn`t that be fine?
Feet up, no rush and hurry
no dodging the snow flurry.
Instead just view and choose.
What have you got to lose?
Let your fingers do the talking
and save you all of that walking!!

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