Pastel Easter #Etsy

Saw this collection and thought it was gorgeous. Loved the theme and the colours, it looks so pretty. Had forgotten that Easter is creeping ever closer.
So if you don`t buy chocolate, there are other eggs available for Easter, or if not eggs, the pool of gifts widens substantially. I hope you enjoy these gorgeous creations.

Had my grandson again yesterday. He`s getting around on crutches quite well, bless him, but as yet not inclined to put the foot to the floor.
We felted some of the small soap shapes we made the other day and he loved it. He picked out the colours for some to make for his Mum for Mothers Day.
We did some painting and drawing too, though I did more of the painting and he did more of the drawing. I did make quite a bit of mess but had great fun.
Then the rest of the grandchildren came after school for tea. It was noisy, busy and great fun.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Easter eggs and the Easter bunny
always seem, to me, kind of funny.
Why a bunny, is it for spring
to give Easter an added zing?
Hot cross buns, they are yummy
and even better in my tummy.
There`s an Easter egg hunt one day,
I think that`s more about play.
Seems to be more of a family break
where everyone likes to take
the time and effort to get together
regardless of the finicky weather.
Usually four days of family fun
a wonderful break until it`s done!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s beautiful display of pastel Easter creations from the sellers of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Pretty Collection of Easter Gifts and Decor!

  2. Wishing a rapid recovery for your grandson! It sounds like some wonderful memories were made :) Thanks again for your support. I am running off to check to tell the Twitterverse about your sweet blog! ♥ Keep up the great work! :)