Elephants Parade #Etsy

I gathered this collection of Elephants together, inspired by a pendant from the BCEtsians Shop of the Week, Adien Crafts. Diane the owner makes beautiful jewellery, I know because I have some myself and bought them as gifts.
There are many jewellery makers but there are some that stand out as that bit different, they have a distinctive style that takes people back again and again.
Go and have a look through her shop and see of you agree with me. They make fabulous gifts but are even better to keep.

Yesterday I had lot`s of time to get things done but as always I didn`t achieve as much as when I have a limited amount of time, despite the excess of coffee I drank.
I did get alot done but there was more I would have liked to get done.
I did however manage to get a load of photos edited and a bit more tidying in my craft room. It is getting there slowly, I just need to start getting rid of a whole load of yarn that is cluttering up the place.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Like confetti in the breeze,
the glorious blossom flees.
The sunshine didn`t last long
now the wind is very strong.
Clouds scudding across the sky
looking like sails as they fly.
Tall trees bending and swaying
smaller bushes almost laying
along the floor, the winds strength
spreadeagling them along their length.
I thought the weather was on the mend
and yet Nature has decided to send
another blast of it our way
hope it doesn`t intend to stay.
All I want is the warmth of spring
because that will make my heart sing!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s splendid display of elephants on parade from Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. thank you for including my silver ele brooch in your fab collection.

  2. Great collection of elephants Linda. They all look fabulous.

    Thank you for including my Elephants book cover bag.