Dragonflies #Etsy

Well what do you think of these then? Aren`t they gorgeous?
I always think dragonflies look so beautiful and they remind me of warm lazy days with their wings gleaming with beautiful colours as they flit about.
Hope you like this collection as much as I do.

Somehow yesterday morning was a bit of a mad rush, not really sure why. I was trundling along nicely. Then I just sort of ran out of time.
I did up a parcel, more craft bags sold, did promotion and listing, was about to get to the e-mails when I realised the time.
I was meeting a friend and she called to check we were still meeting and I realised I hadn`t replied to her e-mail. Oooops. So it was mad dash to get ready and off to the bus stop.
That of course meant the other e-mails didn`t get done till the evening.
I really must do better.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

I got up a little bit late
was running behind to be my fate?
But no, it all was going well
until I heard the telephone bell.
I`d been slogging away at my work
I love it, so don`t need to shirk.
I had a cuppa and then one more
I think it`s what mornings are for.
There I was up the stairs and then down
hair everywhere, in my dressing gown.
I don`t have to get dressed too early
no need for me to join the hurly burly
of all the people rushing to and fro
as off to school and work they go.
Nope, I don`t have to join the race
my mornings are at a gentler pace.
Well apart from yesterday of course,
then, I was running like a race horse.
Maybe that`s overdoing it a bit
because mostly now here I sit!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s beautiful display of dragonflies from the shops of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.