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I came across a new app for doing treasuries quickly and easily, one of the leaders on the Craftyfolk team left the link on the forum, so I gave it a try. It really was exactly what they said and more.
I downloaded it to my computer and from then on as I went round Etsy every item had an extra button that said Treasury.
So yesterday. as I was promoting my listings on different teams, I kept seeing things that were different and unusual. Well I thought they were anyway. I decided to add them to a treasury for today.

Spring is definitely in the air because yesterday I was having another sort out. In my craft/computer room again. It does seem to get very messy very quickly. Probably because I am a bit impulsive and tend to put things on top of each other when I have a new idea and need the space.
I need more storage space, like some shelves, but the big question is, Would it make any tidier?
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

We all like to find the extraordinary,
something that`s out of the ordinary.
A creation that makes a special gift,
to give a loved one a real lift.
We search for that one perfect thing,
to give joy and make the heart sing.
We want the unique, the different too,
where there`s only one or maybe a few.
The gift that isn`t seen everywhere
the unusual to make people stare
and covet it desperately for themselves
to decorate their special shelves.
These things are few and far between,
in high streets, not usually seen.
But here we have what you want so much
all at the end of a finger touch.
A simple click and then you pay
before you know it, it`s on the way!!

Back In Stock! New Listing! ...

Soap stone Tea lights

Red cut glass teapot warmer ...

McPlaid Bunny Blankie Newfou...

Beach Decor, Starfish Curtai...

Glass Octopus Sculpture smal...

Seven Chakra Flower Of Life ...

orange leopard print coffee ...

Bird Marionette, Wood Toy, f...

Big Pinocchio Marionette Pup...

Different Women Girl Grey La...

Cloth Doll Little Red Cap OO...

Cat and Bird Print, 10 x 8, ...

Blue Aura Mandala earrings, ...

Handmade Ceramic Bowl, Kitch...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s fabulous array of unusual and different delights from Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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  1. Many thanks for placing my item in your treasury and blog! Love your articles!