Colour Explosion #Etsy

I saw this and thought, Wow!! Such beautifully done creations in glorious technicolor. Well you know me and rainbows. The minute I saw this that was what sprung to mind and I just had to put it on here for you all.
After all who doesn`t feel enlivened by a bit of colour? This much all at once should give a real boost.

Yesterday was a catch up day, mainly on the computer. I was also working on a commission too, starting the preparation, organising the artwork and setting out a verse that would fit with the name.
I love the challenge of something different and new, it really sparks the creative process and I then often find new ideas coming up too.
I love the excitement of creating something, seeing it come to life in the way I envisaged. There is nothing better!
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Go and find the rainbow land
I think you`ll find it`s grand.
Over the bridge in the sky
through the colours you can fly.
Everyone has a happy smile
and is glad to stay for a while.
It`s a place where dreams come true
under skies that are always blue.
There the time seems to slow
deep inside that magical glow.
Beautiful colours that can heal.
step within so you can feel
the joyful need for celebration
as it sparks creative imagination.
Such a place is so very fine
it`s yours and it`s also mine!!

Rainbow Birthday Tutu...Clow...

Vase-Container --Mosaic Clot...

10 Organza Hair Clips, Girls...

Confetti Hearts handmade pol...

Prisma lacquered rainbow bri...

Scarf Headband Head Wrap ...

Rainbow Polka-Dot Wavy Rimme...

Rainbow Bow Necklace - Hand ...

Vintage Cora Jacobs Straw Ba...

Personalized Custom Children...

Rainbow Fiesta Swarovski Cry...

Painted Bunting Bird Ornamen...

10" x 8" Ink Illu...

Wooden Easter Eggs - Rainbow...

The Rainbow Horse Wall Cloc...

black silk scarf - Art Trib...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s amazing colour explosion in a wonderful display display from Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. This collection can only put a smile on a person's face...so happy and bright!! A rainbow always cheers me up on any kind of a day so this really did the trick!! That being said, your pastel collection from yesterday was also very pretty!! So soft, gentle and sweet...just like those pastel colored, candy coated peanuts they sell at Easter...DELICIOUS!! Mmm!!

    Thanks so much for including me here and for the link to your blog!! Great job!!

    Take care

    1. Thank you and you are very welcome Cat.
      It`s nice to hear that you enjoyed my blogs. I love bright colours but there was something yummy about the pastels yesterday I agree.

  2. Oh my goodness, I just love rainbows too! What a great collection of items. A clicking I will go... ; )

  3. So fun and colorful! Thanks for including me. =)