Wild Things! #Etsy

I loved this very different collection and thought you all might enjoy it too. It holds something for everyone, from littlies to big ones. Not sure if that`s a word `littlies` but if it wasn`t before it is now.
I love making up words, it`s such good fun.

Yesterday was busy preparing for the influx of grandchildren and the eldest`s boyfriend, all coming for tea, that`s 5 of them altogether.
I prepared some more soaps ready for felting, they are just awaiting the time and hot and cold water.
Spent some time on a crochet pattern. Decided I would write a pattern just for a new casting on stitch and the linked trebles I use in everything I make. The new cast on is much neater and stretchier than starting with a chain and the linked trebles make a lovely stretchy textured fabric. Gives it a bit of a pattern too.
So I decided to write it all down and add pictures to make it even easier. I`m about halfway through now, so it will soon be available.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

The call of the wild is in us all
and many do heed it`s call.
Quite a few will just say hush
but others need the adrenaline rush.
Folk head off, tired of indenture,
more than ready for an adventure.
Some go trekking in the wild
not really the place for a child.
Others go climbing a mountain high
needing to get closer to the sky.
There are lot`s that leap from scary places
with a big smile on their happy faces.
Pushing against our boundaries is good
something that we probably should
do more, getting out of the comfort zone
though sometimes it`s good to lie prone.
That last one is pretty good for me,
I get my best ideas that way, you see!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s exciting array of wildlife from the shops of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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