Red Hot Love #Etsy

Saw this treasury and loved the bold reds and thought it made a nice change with it`s Moulin Rouge style theme. It`s fun and full of gift ideas for Valentine`s.

Yesterday I decided to knuckle down and get on with making the notebooks I`d been preparing. Took several hours and I had 5 notebooks finished and 2 that just needed finishing off. A very good days work I thought.
While I was doing them my brain was playing around with new ideas too, always a bonus. Now I have more ideas for notebooks/journals. I like the size I am making at the minute as I feel it`s nice to have a reasonable size for writing in or drawing.
I am thinking of doing some smaller ones too as they can be handy as well.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

I don`t think this is risky
or that it`ll make you all frisky.
It`s all about a bit of fun
just until Valentine`s is done.
It`s red to warm on chilly nights
quite warming to see such sights.
Something different just for you,
to prevent you all feeling blue.
To brighten up a winter`s day
and start you thinking about play.
There`s nothing like a bit of romance
to make you want to sing and dance.
When it`s comes to Valentine
the romantic say`s `Be mine`
with gifts that say`s it all.
The way YOU do it is your call!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s delectable display of delightful creations old and new from the shops of Etsy.
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