Red & Blue #Etsy

This beautiful and colourful collection caught my eye as soon as I started looking and that was it. With the wind howling outside and throwing the rain against the window with great ferocity, something bright and cheerful was an easy choice.
Hope you enjoy it too, regardless of your weather situation.

Went into the city yesterday with my granddaughter who was off to her part time job. No classes on Friday. We had a browse together and then she headed off.
I went to sort out a new contract for my phone.. I went to Phones4U as the last time I went there they were absolutely brilliant and nothing was too much trouble.
This time they didn`t disappoint either. A young man named Scott sorted out mine. I love the fact that they don`t do a hard sell on you, they listen and then give you exactly what you ask for without any fuss. In my book that counts doe a lot. Plus if you go in at any time because you have forgotten how to do something they help with no questions asked.
The last time, I went to a few different phone shops before reaching theirs and they were the first NOT to look me over and dismiss me without even asking if they could help.
So if you are a bit older, like me and don`t need the latest gadget or to listen to a hard sell, go there. They are friendly and helpful, above and beyond the call of duty.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

It is still endlessly raining
and yes I feel like complaining.
So very grey it`s barely light
looking like it`s almost night.
The puddles just grow and grow
nowhere for the water to flow.
The ground is boggy and sodden,
with puddles where folk have trodden.
Did I mention it`s so very cold?
Offering sunnier climes? I`m sold.
Winter has gone on way too long
and this much water is just wrong.
Other places are suffering drought.
I ask you, what is it all about?
But in adversity, we stand together,
we`ll get through this latest weather!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s beautiful handmade and vintage display of red and blue from the sellers of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.