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Love this treasury I found. Something totally different, unusual and unique. Hope you all enjoy it as much as me.

If you read yesterdays blog you know that I intend to offer the Pattern/Tutorial for the novelty shelves my hubby used to make. Much to my dismay it was much harder than I anticipated.
I really hadn`t thought through the logistics of it all. Hubby drew 3 of them out at full size. Sorted. Then I took photos. Ooops, instantly going wrong. I couldn`t turn pics into a full size PDF file, it just didn`t work. Back to the drawing board.
We played around with ideas, gave it some thought and headed for a local printers. They could, after a few false starts, scan the images and make them A4. Now I could scan them in and turn them back to the right size. Simple!
Well that`s what I thought. Hours later I was very close, but it wasn`t quite perfect. Today I will be trying again. Sigh!!!
Still once I get the first one sorted the rest will be easy, or at least easier, I hope!
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.
A verse I wrote sitting in a waiting room.

I`m writing a little ditty
about us all sitting pretty.
All lined up in the waiting room
pervaded by an air of gloom.
The queue begins to move
we`re getting in the groove.
Now it`s starting to move fast
was quick in and out, the last.
Will the movement keep flowing
and the momentum keep on going?
The crowd never seems to get less
and I`m watching closely, I confess.
Poor doctors. As some depart, more arrive
and it seems no matter how they strive
they can`t succeed, till they call a halt
and for their homes they thankfully bolt!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s wonderful display of creations from the sellers of Etsy.
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