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Finding some great things to show you lately. Came across this gorgeous collection and thought it was really different, another first on here. Without seeing it as a ready made collection, it wouldn`t have occurred to me to have grapes. Or even that there would be such a variety of items available.
Yesterday... hmmm ... oh yes. Housework, yuk......... Soon done though and then I did some felting of soaps, great fun. I love trying to make patterns on them. Draping the merino wool and hoping, once it`s felted, that it looks like a landscape or even just a nice pattern.
I also did a couple with hearts on, but they were needle felted on first before felting. Then it`s kind of hoping they don`t lose their shape and tweaking them back into shape if they do.
After that I took my youngest two grandsons to the cinema, a great way to round off the day, especially as it was funny.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

When I think of grapes on the vine
it always makes me think of wine.
Luscious grapes juicy and green
the yummiest that I`ve ever seen
Black grapes are always so tasty,
on making a choice, don`t be hasty.
Sultanas they are, once they are dried.
Now I wonder, could grapes be fried?
In a sandwich they would just be wet,
it falling apart would make me fret.
As a drink grape juice is nice
I`d enjoy that, wouldn`t think twice.
Even better when offered as wine
have to say, that`s always just fine.
However you like to have yours,
enjoy, whether inside or outdoors!!

Vintage Italian Genie Bottle...

Green Grapes Necklace

Vintage 1860's Majolica ...

Green Grape Drop Perler Bead...

Wooden Bowl with Grape Handp...

Vintage Silver Grape Leaf Br...

Felt Brooch Bunch of green g...

Green Grapes Original oil pa...

Vineyard Green Grapes - Hand...

Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cov...

Fruit Still Life Painting, S...

Vintage Raffia Handbag - Gre...

Vintage Italian Mid Century ...

Green Grapes Throw Pillow, F...

Winter crochet scarf, Fashio...

Vintage Anchor Hocking Green...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous grape display courtesy of the sellers of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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