Magnificent Magenta #Etsy

I thought this magnificent magenta might brighten your Monday morning. It will certainly wake you up, if nothing else. I loved this collection and decided it was so vibrant and beautiful that you would all love it too and enjoy it.

Yesterday was housework and cooking a big Sunday roast for lunch for my eldest brother and his wife. It was a lovely relaxed meal, though I are far too much, with a nice glass of wine. Coffee afterwards and a relaxing afternoon chatting and catching up.
I didn`t do any crafting, no pattern writing or anything, a complete day off and it was nice. Well apart from computer stuff and this blog.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

What is that Monday morning feeling,
have you already hit the boredom ceiling?
Does the week stretch out far a head,
with you wishing you could stay in bed?
Is every single day just the same,
has it ceased to be a fun game?
If so, step outside your comfort zone,
stop scrolling endlessly on that phone.
Do something you`ve not done before
wear something bright outside your door.
Go somewhere different, change your hair
challenge someone, maybe do a dare.
Why not learn something new
about which you don`t have a clue?
Push your boundaries, look around
see the opportunities that abound!!

Purple and silver angel wing...

Magenta Necklace - Wood Neck...

Glitter Doc Martens Vintage ...

Pink with blue undertone lip...

SALE - Vintage Magenta Purpl...

Glass Bead Necklace, Glass B...

Round Up Magenta/Dark Pink L...

Boho Chic Bangle Bracelet wi...

18x18 or 22x22 magenta pink ...

Victorian Boots Ankle Boots ...

Fuchsia Pink Earrings Swarov...

ON SALE Druzy Slices, Magent...

Shibori SIk Scarf "Mage...

Feather Flower Headpiece -Ma...

Flower Photograph, Dark Pink...

Magenta Pink Agate Pendant, ...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous array of magnificent magenta from the shops of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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  1. Hi Linda, My Monday was a bit brighter from checking out your blog! Katie