Kute Kangaroos #Etsy

Loved this collection when I came across it because it`s so different. It would never have occurred to me to look for kangaroos and yet I would have missed so much. Great finds here, hope you enjoy them too.

Yesterday I finally mastered a pattern for a rainbow cloud shelf I had been struggling with. I already told you why I am doing this pattern and of my struggle with it over the last few days. Even yesterday morning I was still doing very minor adjustments. My main mistake to start with was using a standard size. I had put it as an A2 but of course it was slightly larger than an A2. Not having done anything, to print, larger than an A4 this was quite a learning curve. First it came out not tall enough and not wide enough. Took me a while and alot of printing before I discovered using standard sizing was no good. So I customized it and then it was several miniscule adjustments until it was perfect and an exact size. I was so delighted when I finally did it. After that it was doing the instructions and turning that into a PDF file too. Phew. As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

I thought I`d bring you these kangaroos,
to save you from the February blues.
Kangaroos they often bounce around,
hardly seeming to touch the ground.
They can jump and leap along
those hind legs so very strong.
A tail for balance aids the locomotion
helping with the forward motion.
They love to eat all types of green
and grazing is where they are often seen.
A group together is called a Mob
more obvious together when they bob
up and down even at speed
taking turns to take the lead.
There are times when they fight
making it look like a boxing night.
For food they travel far and wide,
babies in pouches along for the ride!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s Kute Kangaroos display from the sellers of Etsy.
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