Fantasy Fun #Etsy

I had great fun doing this treasury. It was for the Craftyfolk team`s Scavenger hunt that was named Fantasy by the previous weeks winner.
The idea is that a list of words to do with the chosen subject are picked and we have to find items that match those words. The majority come from team mates but 6 must come from outside the team. It can be great fun and you get to find things you might never come across otherwise.
Yesterday I had an idea. I told my hubby but for some reason he groaned, not really sure why, unless it was because it involved some work for him.
I don`t know how many of you know that he used to make novelty children`s shelves, with coat peg racks and door hangers to match. Last year he stopped making them after being diagnosed with asbestosis, mainly because however good the masks he wore the dust would still make him cough. (I am still selling the few left in stock off in my Folksy shop at much reduced prices.)
Anyway, we sold them through Not On The High Street and since he stopped we`ve still had enquiries about the shelves, so I had an idea!!! I suggested he drew them out, at original size, from the original patterns with all the dimensions on. Then wrote out an instruction sheet for me to type up and I would turn the whole thing into a PDF file that could be downloaded for those interested in making their own or getting someone to make one up for them. What do you think?
I don`t like disappointing people so it seems like a good alternative.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Unbelievably it`s come back again
all the wind and driving rain.
Battering so hard against the brick
I`m really glad the walls are thick.
Glad too that we`re perched on a hill
having watched our river reach over fill.
The tide comes in as the rain comes down
I can tell you, it causes many a frown.
It`s not a good place to be anymore,
the river, with water lapping the door.
Now the wind howls as the water rises
the results don`t bring any surprises.
Here we aren`t quite so bad
for so many others I feel sad.
What must it be like to suffer so long,
the sheer lack of help so very wrong.
The government official`s silence not funny.
For other countries they hand out OUR money.
For too long, our own were in distress
and left to wallow in the flooded mess!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s wonderful and unique array of delights from the sellers of Etsy.
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  1. I think the idea of a PDF for the shelf tutorial is a very good idea and I am sure your hubby doesn't mind really, hehe! Thanks very much for featuring my fairy wishing pot in your treasury and blog. That was a fun list of words we had for the last Scavenger Hunt wasn't it? Right up my street! Have a good day and hope the rain lets up. Pat xx

  2. I think the pdf tutorial is a very good idea Linda. Maybe you could include some photos as well of the shelf being made. Although not at the risk of making hubby ill!
    I always find that real pictures on sewing tutorials always help a lot.

    Great blog about the Scavenger hunt treasury too. Thanks for showing WhimsyWooMiniatures little dolls' house dragon rug.

    Shirley x

  3. I like your tutorial idea. How cool to have 2 creative people in the house! Tell him he'll be famous! :)

    I've been amazed at the creativity of the scavenger hunt treasuries this week too. I was worried that my list of words would be too off the wall. Thanks so much for featuring my laying tool.

  4. Great idea on the pdf tutorial! I really enjoyed your poem too. I'm happy that we are far enough north to have missed the worst of the flooding.

    I loved the scavenger hunt words this week! Right up my street! :o)