Caramel #Etsy

When I saw this collection it appealed to me greatly. Could it be because I like Caramel I wonder? Mmmmm, soft toffee....
Sadly that was my first thought, especially when I saw the soap. I thought it was edible. I hope you enjoy these delights as much as I did.

Yesterday I didn`t do any making apart from some crocheting in the evening. I played hookey and had coffee and lunch with a friend. We had lot`s of chat and some laughs. I went exploring for paper. I`m still seeking some nice original and different papers for making notebooks/journals.
When I went looking with my hubby the day before, he asked. What are you looking for? My reply? I don`t know, but I`ll know it when I see it.
He was exasperated by that but it`s how I work. I can`t describe what I want because I can`t picture it precisely yet but once I see it I`ll know.
Do you work like that or is it just me?
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Sometimes I don`t have much time
to think and make up a rhyme.
Other times I think very hard
but still cannot be a bard.
I often wish I could be witty
and write a funny little ditty.
Try though, hard as I might
there is no humour at all in sight.
No witticisms to brighten the day,
it`s tough, is all I can say.
You`ll have to make do with boring
this will likely have you all snoring.
But the pictures will bring you pleasure
every single one is a treasure!!

Genuine Amber Necklace Raw B...

Man ankle caramel bootie / s...

Caramel Sundae Scented Large...

Caramel Toffee Soap - Handr...

Caramel Brown Buttons, 12 Vi...

Caramel Tagua Nut Eco Friend...

Fendi Caramel Brown Leather ...

Caramel Marbled Glass Rectan...

Czech Beads Fire Polished Br...

Waxed Cord - Caramel - Waxed...

Caramel Eyeshadow / Mineral ...

Double-Sided Caramel Brown S...

Vintage Faux Ostrich Handbag...

SALE . Caramel Rounds . New ...

Chunky chain scarf caramel b...

Caramel/Toffee coloured hand...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s delectable caramel display from the sellers of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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