Neutral Shades #Etsy

Nice to have neutral shades to offset colours or maybe you prefer neutral colours all the time. I know many people do, just as many love to wear black a lot.
Me I love colour but I do wear neutral shades too, it all depends upon the occasion.

Yesterday I was on a mission. I was looking for card, not just any card either, it had to be a certain weight. The first place I went to was closed for renovations which wasn`t a good start at all. The second choice that I hadn`t been near for a long time..... wait for it....... had become a funeral home. So right about this point I was starting to think my idea was doomed. Could their be a bigger sign from the universe?
But me? I am stubborn! So off I went to the city. After visiting various places I went back to the first one and bought two packs of card. It`s to try out my idea so really I should have just got one but it usually takes a few attempt`s to get it right and I would hate to run out just as I`d got it sussed.
Fingers crossed!
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Speeding through the countryside
enjoying a comfy train ride.
Not much colour now winter`s here
very little growing, that is clear.
Leaden skies of endless grey
not much chance of sun today.
Bare branches and pale bark
not even a sighting of a lark.
Fields bare in shades of brown
it`s enough to make us frown.
I love nature in every season
constant changes aren`t the reason.
Enjoying nature helps us to revive,
after our endless need to strive!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s beautiful array of creations in neutral shades from the shops of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. How nice to have a fun story to go along with your new creation.
    I think cream is a wonderful shade and you've found some lovely items on Etsy.

  2. Gorgeous! Love your poem too. Thank you!