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It`s gift ideas for Valentine`s Day with Hearts for Love today. Even if you aren`t looking for Valentine gifts they are lovely to see anyway. Hope you enjoy them.

Yesterday I shut the computer off much earlier than usual and was determined to get to grips with making the notebooks I was doing, as I had gathered all the materials.
Last week I was playing with different types of card and ways of covering the outside of the notebooks. I had also been looking for different types of paper as I wanted some variety of colours and textures. I thought it would make them more interesting to use.
I got all the papers cut to the right size and got some string and some cord. In a book I got last year they used a variety of threads including twine, string and different cords.
Then, it was bite the bullet and get on with it, after careful measuring to get the holes in the right place on all the sheets as well as the cover.
To my surprise it went very smoothly after that. I made two and was very pleased with the results.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Nature seems to have a limited range
of weather right now, there`s no change.
It`s just rain, rain and yet more rain
and yes you guessed, it`s coming down again.
At the weekend there was a noisy storm
this was very far from the norm.
One minute dry then a far off rumbling
within minutes we heard them tumbling.
Hailstones flung to earth, by the sky,
a ton of ice delivered from on high.
In moments the garden turned white,
it was quite a surprising sight.
Like small golf balls, melting fast
I was so glad they didn`t last
If they had hit, they would have hurt,
so pleased they only hit the dirt.
Was a fitting end to the storms rage,
and when it ended, we could turn the page!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s wonderful display of hearts for Valentine from the sellers of Etsy.
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