Happy New Year!! #Etsy

A New Year brings thoughts of the past to the fore as well as the future.
Many are glad to shake off the year just gone, while others dwell upon it. Which sort are you?
I`ve discovered that rehashing the past endlessly does no good whatsoever. If you look back, enjoy pleasant memories and then learn from events you weren`t happy about.
Never regret the past, it has made you the person you are today and what you do today will help to shape the future you.
Above all enjoy the diversity of life`s university, it`s what makes life interesting. We should celebrate our differences rather than fighting over them.
Let`s all do our best to make 2014 a wonderful year. A year of increasing peace and tolerance towards others, of learning to love ourselves and our fellow man unreservedly and helping to make our world a better place!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!
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Why not enjoy the diversity
of learning in life`s university.
We should all learn to get along
because together we are strong.
Let`s make the world a better place
for the entire human race.
Now it`s time to take a stand
and bit by bit reclaim the land
and Yes all the water too
it`s not just for the wealthy few.
It`s time to say NO to war
to open the Peace and Tolerance door.
Let`s celebrate all that is diverse
in our wonderful amazing universe.
Join in the Love and Peace dance
and give every person a chance
to live their life and be free,
like us, of hunger and poverty!!

HAPPY 2014!! The year of change!

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