Gorgeous Gifts #Etsy

This was done as a Scavenger Hunt treasury challenge and when I finished it I thought what lovely gifts they would all make. So I decided I would put them on here for you all to see and enjoy.

I enjoyed my weekend away. made extra special by the fact that I hadn`t been able to go for the last 3 months for one reason or another.
As you can imagine there was a lot to catch up on. I would say we talked more than usual, but I really don`t think that`s humanly possible.
We were taken out for lunch on the Saturday for a lovely carvery. Can`t beat the combination of good food and great company. We had a lovely time and lot`s of laughs.
We had a wonderful Sunday roast cooked for us the next day, so once more there was great company with lot`s of laughter and chat. I had such a lovely time and it flew by, way too fast.
Now I`m home again and it`s back into work mode.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

I was riding on the train
going visiting once again.
Weather was blowing a gale
as we sped over hill and dale.
Anyone could well have been fooled
into thinking the water usually pooled
into the many ponds, large and small,
but they shouldn`t be there at all.
Fields so saturated and soggy
have turned so muddy and boggy.
In places, submerged trees and bushes
as the rain beats down and pushes
the rivers and the general landscape
into many a new bend and shape.
Will the land ever dry out again
or is this a new age of endless rain!!

Fairy Wishing Pot Sparkly Bl...

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Ipad Sleeve Royal Blue Vinta...

Vintage Royal Albert Moonlig...

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Emerald Green Vintage Style ...

Peacock Feather Veil Fascina...

Gateway Arch at Wells

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French lavender Purple sache...

Mysterious Icy Lake - Winter...

Sunset Cross Stitch, Complet...

Fine art print of Purple Orc...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous gifts display from the shops of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Oh Linda at least you didn't let the weather spoil your enjoyment of the weekend. It is sodden up in Scotland as well, floods everywhere, ugh! Thank you so much for featuring two of my items in your treasury and your blog - very kind, and there are some really lovely gifts in there! Have a great day! Pat x

    1. If we let the weather stop us we`d have no life at all. LOL!!
      You are very welcome Pat.

  2. Lovely blog Linda and a great choice of gifts.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip away.

    Thank you for featuring my Vintage Kimono ipad cover.

    Shirley x

    1. You are most welcome Shirley, glad you liked it. The weekend was wonderful.

  3. Let's hope that we have a dry spell soon. It's been a gloomy January. Thanks for brighening up my day by including my heart :)

    1. Glad it brightened your day. I`m hoping for some dry weather too, a few hours of sunshine wouldn`t go amiss either.

  4. Lovely finds ! thank you for my lavender pillow :)