Gifts of Love #Etsy

Got to have more Valentine blogs with it getting so close now. Don`t forget that if you are buying online you need to allow for delivery time too. So best to start looking now.

Yesterday.... hmmmm.... I had every intention of getting round to sewing a book together, but somehow I didn`t get round to it.
What did I do?
I took photos of several soaps I had felted and I also did a load of gluing. I was gluing art work to card I had prepared a few weeks ago. Glued carefully with flour and water paste to make it harder, for being the covers of a book. A handmade book.
Anyway. I covered the card with white paper first and let them dry under a heavy book to keep them flat. Then after printing more sheets of artwork onto canvas effect paper the first ones were almost dry.
So I covered one side carefully folding it round the edges of each one and put them back under the books. They are ready for the next stage but the inside of the book isn`t ready yet.
I ended up spending time searching for a balloon pump and when it couldn`t be found blowing up balloons for my grandsons party with his school friends. Didn`t take that long but somehow it meant I ran out of time. Ah well, such is life.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

A beautiful gift of love
isn`t sent from above
It comes from cold hard cash
and a lover being rash.
A loved one gives their heart
truly hoping you`ll never part.
He`ll decorate your bowers
with lot`s of lovely flowers.
Maybe buy you a gorgeous ring
that will make your heart sing.
A chocolate gift is very sweet
a tasty treat to eat enjoy and eat.
Perhaps you`ll go out to dine,
with good food and fine wine.
Whatever else, don`t forget the card
otherwise the next year will be hard!!

Reading glasses 3.00 power c...

Vintage Magnetic Letters LOV...

3D Red Birds Perching on Del...

Valentine Hair Bow/ Red Hair...

Ring Pillow, White Brocade H...

Valentine Rose Ornament, Rib...

Wire-Wrapped Bronze Hair Com...

Handmade Alpaca Red Choker N...

Red Rose, Statement Necklace...

Red and White Ruffle Scarf, ...

Red Queen Anne's Lace - ...

Red Red Rose, Photograph, ...

11X14 Family Tree of Butterf...

Selvage Valentine Quilted Mu...

Hand Knit Cropped Holiday Re...

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Red...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous gifts of love display from the sellers of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Love your choices. Thank you for including my pillow.

  2. Thanks so much for including my tree of butterflies and my red birds on white card :)


  3. Thank you for including me! Wonderful post and gorgeous treasury!

  4. Beautiful gifts of love, Thanks for including my Always Kiss Me Goodnight Sign.