Full Moon #Etsy

I decided to be topical and have a full moon blog as we have one at the minute. I haven`t caught a glimpse of it yet because of all the cloud and rain, but I continue to hope.

Yesterday I was busy, yes I know, shock and horror. I was forcing myself through the paces but my heart wasn`t really in it. So I decided to see if my youngest two grandsons wanted to go to the cinema. They did, so once I had a time to work to I became much more productive. I tidied up, had a sort out and took a load of photos that needed re-doing. I also glued some cardboard and checked out tutorials for making handmade books.
What was a general faff turned into something much more productive once I had a time to work to.
I have a book on making hand stitched books, I have had it nearly two years. I have looked at it many times and online tutorials. I have even gathered some of the materials needed, actually that`s pretty much most of them. I am teetering on the brink.... almost there. Watch this space.
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There`s is a full moon out there
all I can say is `show me where`.
The clouds have hidden it away
still hoping to see it another day.
I do love to stare at the moon,
trouble is, it goes too soon.
Bright and shiny in the sky
seeming to glow silver up high.
It holds so many in it`s thrall
maybe it`s Nature`s siren call.
Lovers gaze thrilled by the sight,
standing entwined beneath it`s light.
It appears in so much art,
it`s mystery, the reason in part.
Mainly it`s the magic it can bring,
that makes us pause and our soul sing.

Moon Map Wrapping Paper

personalized necklace I love...

Full Moon Necklace, Glass Ph...

Swinger Girl Full Moon - Pen...

Wolf moon night art Black Un...

Lake Louise Full Moon Photog...

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Moon Necklace. Petite Coppe...

Tree of Life Pendant, Gray M...

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Pagan Copper and Malachite N...

Super Powerful New Moon - Em...

Rose Quartz Goddess pendant ...

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  1. Lovely poem. I really enjoyed your blog! Thank you for including me in it!!!