Dream of Summer #Etsy

I saw this treasury and just couldn`t resist. Right now, here in the UK, that is mostly what we are dreaming of. Summer with blue skies and warmth. Although to be honest we don`t get that very often in the summer either. But we do at least get milder temperatures. Brrr.
Anyway this collection seemed such fun and so summery looking I thought it might be cheering for all of you too.

Yesterday I was going great guns. In the morning I was busy printing artwork onto linen canvas ready to glue to card. Then I even managed to do some glueing before I went out.
After the school run I managed to get the rest glued as well. Now I just need to cut the inside pages to size, measure them for where the holes go and then sew them together. After which I will add some form of closure to them and they`ll be done.
I really love the making part of anything, it`s the photographing and listing I find such a pain. Still, it has to be done otherwise I would be overrun with all the things I love to make.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

I often dream of summer days
of seeing a distant heat haze.
Of white fluffy clouds drifting
and already my spirits are lifting.
Of very blue skies and warm sun
shining out till the day is done.
Of days so endlessly flowing
of golden light always glowing.
Country walks and sandy beaches
exploring to the far reaches
of every place to which we go
sometimes fast and others slow.
Happy faces, smiles all around,
is what summer brings I`ve found.
So of summer I often dream
it always makes my eyes gleam!!

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Beach Decor Summer Watercolo...

White Bird Silhouette on Aqu...

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Woman watercolour aqua lace ...

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25 AQUA Striped Paper Drinki...

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iphone case 4 4s 5 5s beach ...

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Chunky bracelet, bright summ...

pastel aqua ruffle collar, ...

Jellyfish Aqua Print

Handmade Vintage Aqua Button...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s beautiful array of summery creations from the sellers of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Here in Australia some of us are dreaming of winter! Too many days of 40 plus degrees have sucked the fun out of summer.

    Thank you for showcasing one of our products.

    Polka Dots and Pom Poms.

    1. That`s understandable with that heat
      We dream of a long hot summer that rarely happens.
      Thank you for visiting.

  2. We're dreaming about Summer here in the states too! Lovely treasury!

  3. Just like Diane I'm sweltering in the heat - but this is a gorgeous, fresh feeling for summer and I'm thrilled to have my teal collar included -thank you!