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Really liked this beautiful collection of black and blue creations and thought you might do too
I am off to visit family in Milton Keynes for the weekend leaving hubby at home to fend for himself. Ready meals are ideal as he can just about manage to stick one in the oven to cook for himself. Personally I wouldn`t want to eat them but as he can`t/won`t cook for himself it`s the only alternative.
Well, apart from me staying at home that is and that`s not going to happen. He could come too but doesn`t want to and to be honest he gets bored with the constant talking so he is better off at home.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.
This poem was one I wrote while sitting in a hospital waiting room last year.

A lady waiting sat drawing,
totally oblivious and ignoring
all that was going on around,
likely, not hearing a sound.
The lady was very much older
I saw, peeking over her shoulder.
She drew people while they sit waiting
their turn, each one a portrait.
At first I thought she was writing
right up to the first sighting.
Each face had so much detail,
knew which each was, without fail.
Such a skill I marvelled with awe
even while wishing to be out the door!!


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Hope you enjoyed today`s beautiful black and blue display of amazing creations from Etsy.
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