Snowflakes #Etsy

This is a bit different today, going for the look of snow and snowflakes.
Don`t you just love it when it first snows. The silent white snowflakes slowly or quickly, covering the world all around like a blanket.
Love it when it first happens, as long as it doesn`t hang around too long after that and make life difficult, it`s fine.
Yesterday I went to the cinema to see Philomena and thought it was a great film. It underlines again the way those in a position of power treat those that are most vulnerable in the most inhuman fashion. Made so much worse by the fat that it was supposedly `christian` people that did it.
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Snow falling softly all around
steadily covering the ground.
Covering branches too, in white
such a very pretty sight.
A white expanse across the garden.
By the morning will it harden?
So much debris will have vanished
almost as though it was banished.
Leaving a clean white world
around which the snow has curled.
For some it brings fun and delight
yet others will feel only fright.
Fear of falling, of slipping on ice
of doing some damage, not very nice.
The elderly will find it scary
past experience making them wary.
The rest find it a real chore
and so very much a bore!!

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