Seasonal Fun #Etsy

More seasonal delights for you to peruse and enjoy.
I had a busy weekend, one of the highlights on Saturday was visiting a school Craft fair with my daughter, son in law, two of my grandsons and a very good friend.
In the evening my younger daughter and son in law took both sets of parents out to dinner which was very nice, then off to my older daughters to play a few games and discuss Christmas plans.
Yesterday I was busy cooking a lovely Sunday roast for 6 of us, but I won`t mention the housework. Then my granddaughter and her boyfriend visited to have a go at making mince pies with filo pastry. It wasn`t as successful as I hoped.
I was trying to make little parcels like I`d seen in a magazine. What I should have done was keep the magazine and follow instructions. Still they tasted nice even if they didn`t look that pretty.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

It`s almost that time of year
hurry up and get into gear.
Now the questions are burning
I can almost hear the cogs turning
as you wonder what I`m saying
if it`s about anything besides paying.
It IS. It`s about getting ready
and still taking it nice and steady
and having loads of fun
till the season is done.
We`re racing to the finish line,
still can`t quite see the sign.
Just keep up the good fight
the winning post will soon be in sight.
Cards to write, pressies to wrap
just don`t get into a flap.
I promise it will all get done
then it WILL be time to have FUN!!

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South of France Statue at Ez...

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Miniature Foods,Japanese Sus...

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Pale Blue Fringe Earrings

Ice Cream Topping/ 16 oz / S...

Eskimo and penguin Christmas...

Paperback Book Wrap Blue Flo...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s splendiferous array of delectable delights from the sellers of Etsy.
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  1. The filo mince pie parcels sound great Linda.

    Lovely treasury with some great finds.

    Thank you for showing my Book wrap.

    Shirley x

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting Shirley, glad you liked it.
      The parcels were a good idea if only I had kept the instructions.

  2. Hi Linda, Thanks for including my beaded earrings in your lovely treasure trove of gifts! Always enjoy the poetry, too! And, the mince pie parcels do sound yummy! Katie

    1. Thank you Katie, nice to know you enjoy the verses. The mince pie parcels tasted nice just looked odd.

  3. Great treasury and poem as always, many thanks for including my painting! Michele x

    1. Thank you Michele you are very welcome, glad you liked it.