Rainbow Hues #Etsy

Rainbow coloured creations for you today as a complete change and because they are fabulous and fun.

Well that`s it then for another year. Christmas is over and done with and many are feeling rather flat now. On the plus side we still have the New Year celebrations which I always think is for the adults while Christmas is more for the children.
Now we can relax a little and enjoy our gifts.
I got some soap making kits and was really thrilled with them. I spent yesterday having a go at soap making. I suspect I will need to do more research on making and the separate ingredients I will need. I prefer to make organic soap without harsh chemicals if I can. If I spend the time and money on good food to put into my body to keep it healthy, it makes sense to spend the time and money on putting good quality products onto my skin. Especially as a certain amount of the products are absorbed by the skin.
Anyway I`ll get off my `soap` box now.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Rainbow shades for me and you
with these you`ll never feel blue.
They`re enough to brighten any day
and make you want to run and play.
A rainbow is an arc of light
shining in the sky so bright.
It`s a bridge to a magical land
where all hold out a helping hand.
Here pixies, fairies and leprechauns
play alongside warriors and unicorns.
There no one needs a pot of gold
because nothing ever gets sold.
A smile is always on every face
in this wonderful shining place.
The magic sparkles all around
from the sky right to the ground!!

Rechargeable Double Rainbow ...

Hand Dyed Fabric, Cotton, JE...

Rainbow hand knitted lace sh...

Chainmaille Bracelet Rainbow...

Rhinestone Centers-30-PICK Y...

Stained Glass Rainbow Butter...

Monster Finger Puppets -- Pa...

B David Crown Brooch / Rhine...

5 Wooden Star Wands- Party P...

Rainbow Kazuri Necklace, Cer...

Colorfulia - illustration, p...

Abstract Canvas Art Painting...

Eco Friendly Large Rag Rug C...

Patchwork BEAR Stuffed Anima...

Rainbow Christmas Tree Ornam...

Heart Turquoise multi colors...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s bright and colourful display of magical rainbow creations from the shops of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Beautiful! Have fun with the soap making, it does sound like it would be a great deal of fun. And may all your days be filled with vibrant cheerful color.

  2. Thanks so much for adding my treasury and my rug. Sounds like you're going to have some fun with your new kits-Enjoy Deb :)

  3. What lovely selections and verse! Thank you for sharing!