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More gift ideas for you, or just goodies to make you feel festive.
Have to say that if you haven`t started that Christmas shopping it`s high time you did. Don`t forget about last posting dates etc for buying online.
Yesterday I went to school for an hour. It was called a maths cafe` but was more crafts. The children had to make a chicken clock after hearing a story about Cluck O` Clock. The clock involved cutting out and gluing pieces, so was great fun, We got to have coffee and a biscuit too, the adults. An enjoyable afternoon to be able to go and take part in a little bit of school life.
Before I went I was busy doing some needle felting and I`m now down to my last felting needle. I can see why sculptures cost quite a bit, it`s more to do with the materials than the time. The rate I go through felting needles is unbelievable, hope my new ones arrive before the last one breaks.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

It`s dark outside my window
as I wait for the night to flow
on into the new days dawn
waiting for the light of morn.
The moon is just a sliver
and yet still a light giver,
the stars are out and bright
against the dark of the night.
Here come the colours creeping this way
signalling the onset of the new day.
Arriving in a blaze of glory
to start this new days story.
Nature`s gallery is there to inspire
us all with these colours of fire!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s wonderful display of gift ideas from Etsy.
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  1. That is a lovely poem Linda! Regarding felting needles, I used to go through loads but, maybe because I am a bit slower nowadays, they don't break quite so often. Thank you for featuring one of my wee fairy wishing pots today in your blog. Much appreciated! Pat xxx

    1. Thank you Pat, glad you liked the poem.
      I do get a bit carried away with felting, it`s so exciting to see the sculpture emerge that I try to go faster without realising.
      I love your wishing pots. My purple one, a gift, sits beside my bed.

  2. lovely gift ideas Lynda, thanks for including my star. I have done some needle felting and did find that once the felt got firm it was easy to break needles.

  3. Lovely! A Treasury and a story. This is the way I would also like to present my etsy treasuries. Have you written the poem yourself? I'm afraid I could never do it ;)

  4. Thank you for including my painting Linda..... I've never tried needle felting and I'm in awe of what can be produced... I think I'd stab myself so often I'd only produce red items!! :)

  5. Lovely finds. Thanks so much for including my stockings :-)