Golden Glitter #Etsy

Some glittery gold bling for you today. Some added sparkle for Christmas. Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet? No I don`t mean the alcoholic spirit, I mean the festive spirit.

Yesterday I walked to the supermarket despite the blustery weather, feeling in need of a walk. Inside it was rather manic and there was some loony woman zooming up and down the aisles on her trolley..... Oh, that was me. LOL!!
I did hear a young lad say `Look Mum` and explain but of course by the time she looked I was sedately walking along as befitted a grandmother of four.
It`s great fun. Look for a clear bit of aisle, take a bit of a run and lean right over the handle, lifting up your feet. If there aren`t too many people about you can really get up a good head of steam and fly along.
Ahhh.... if you get caught and chucked out by the security guard it`s not my fault. You also have to learn to keep an eye out for staff and not bash into people, it`s quite a skill and I`m quite good at it now.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Right now there`s glitter everywhere
catching the light and making you stare.
Really pretty and looks just right
almost anywhere, a festive sight.
Glittery jewelry, referred to as bling
adds a very sparkly festive zing.
Golden stars, dress and a hat,
gold straws too. How about that?
Beautiful goblets, they`ll add style,
at the very least, will make you smile.
A shimmering clutch and a purse too
all displayed here especially for you.
All are gorgeous and so very bold
gleaming brightly, the glittery gold!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s alluring array of glittering gold delights from Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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