Christmas Fun #Etsy

I actually saw this treasury on Facebook first and thought it was so lovely I would share it with all of you.
I had been looking at treasuries but somehow this one just had a special something that said ME ME!! So I succumbed and here it is.

I sent a little needle felted hanging robin off to a new home yesterday so I shall have to think about making another one. Although that is unlikely at the minute as I need to finish the other 4 things I`ve got on the go.
They are in various stages of creation. I have three angels and a mouse. I did put two but on checking realised there were more. Ooooops. I do that with crocheting too. I get an idea and off I go on something new.
I also did some wrapping yesterday and was pleased with my progress until I ran out of wrapping paper. When hubby came home we went to the supermarket and I meant to get more paper while we were out but I forgot. Brain like a sieve. Tut tut.

As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Today we have a clear blue sky.
That wind it makes me want to sigh.
Rushing through the trees so fast,
no wonder all the clouds have passed.
It`s chilly with the temperature drop
that will catch many on the hop.
Winters back I have to say,
I was hoping for a milder day.
The weather men they threaten snow
tell us the wind will really blow.
Then it all changes, it`s going to be mild
and that`s the trigger for all to go wild.
Raging winds really blowing a gale,
the rain beating down. Or is that hail?
One thing of which we can be sure
for the strange weather there is no cure!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s wonderful and cheery display of Christmas creations from Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Beautiful treasury! Your weather sounds as changeable as ours here in New England! We have an ice storm in our forecast for tonight!

  2. What a lovely T. I love the elegant, but fun feel of it.

  3. Beautiful collection - and I love your poem, so true about the weather!