Christmas Colours #Etsy

Now I bet you saw the title and groaned thinking NOT red again! So this will surprise you. It`s a mix of Christmas colours, we have greens and golds too.
Yesterday I went in search of some small seal top jars I had seen ages ago. Of course the shop no longer had them. I wanted them to make some bath salts.
Of course I couldn`t get anything I wanted then. I went into Hobbycraft looking for a couple of things I had fancied getting but no luck there either. In there, they either didn`t have it, or it wasn`t what I thought. So then I went looking in a clothes shop. Saw some nice tops, just gathered everything I liked the look of and tried it all on. Nothing was right, so I gave up.
Back home I had a lot to do but after the failures of the morning, no motivation to do it. So I didn`t. Just did some updating of shops, packaged up a sale and went to the Post Office. Quite boring really, apart from seeing the grandchildren and uber cute 2 year old twins that were at their house.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

The morning was extra dark
no early singing of the lark.
Slowly the light appeared
it was worse than I feared.
A thick white mist creeping
everywhere while we were sleeping.
So dense it made the world shrink
seeing it like that makes you think.
I know the world is still there
I can see outlines if I stare.
But what if it all disappears
it`s spooky look feeds fears.
So white, the damp like fingers
clinging with a touch that lingers.
It reached out with a dank chill
not likely to give a morning thrill!!

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Christmas Tree Pillow Cover

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Hope you enjoyed today`s beautiful display of festive delights from the shops of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. Love your poem and the pretty finds!

  2. What a frefreshing blog! I love it. Thanks for showing a pic of my cherry quartz earrings! xoxo

  3. I like the poem as well and really enjoyed looking at all the pretty things you have found on Etsy. Thank you for featuring my work as well and Happy Holidays!