Aurora Borealis #Etsy

I took one look at this treasury and the first thought was WOW!! Followed closely by, Stunning!! These colours are all so gorgeous and go so well together. Even without the weakness for purple I would find this stunning.
This treasury was curated by Nancy Henry of NHQuiltArts.
Yesterday it was a quick trip to 2 different supermarkets. Stocks had got rather low and with the grandchildren coming for tea tonight I decided I needed to stock up. So I did.
Feeling very virtuous I then decided to do the rest of the Christmas cards. I had managed a dozen the day before and got to the end of the A`s in my address book. It`s not a job I look forward too but had to be done. A couple of hours later I was surrounded by varying heaps of written cards. A very big pile went into the Post box. The next lot went to someone who would distribute them for me at a dinner I would be missing out on. The next heap went to my older daughter to distribute with hers, plus the ones for all of them. Then I was left with local area to deliver and a couple of different heaps for other family. Yay me!! Done!! Ahh.... haven`t got hubby`s and just remembered at least 2 others I haven`t written .... make that 3. I`m stopping now before I remember more.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

A stunning show across the sky
an artists palette up on high.
Like no other, this light show,
that sets the heavens all aglow.
A show that is constant change
with an amazing colour range.
A beauty that fills with joy
Aurora Borealis, the real McCoy.
Across the heavens colours dance
seemingly by some random chance.
Almost as though music is playing
maybe it`s Mother Earth saying
pay attention while you are here
such memories you will hold dear.
Enjoy nature`s art, it`s all around
from the sky right down to the ground!!

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Hope you enjoyed today`s outstanding display of delectable creations from the shops of Etsy.
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  1. Beautiful...and goes so nicely with your background. Yes, Winter's beauty is also rich!!

    Thanks so much!