Winters Coming #Etsy

I thought this might be appropriate with the threat of Arctic conditions here in the Uk hanging over us for next week. It may well miss us altogether.... or it might not, we`ll just have to wait and see.
Have to admit that I am like a big kid when it comes to the first snow fall. I just love to see it coming down and then once it has started laying it`s great to stand outside and listen to the silence. It`s as though a blanket of snow blanks out all the sound, especially when the snow is still falling.
Then of course, who can resist an expanse of untouched snow? Not me that`s for sure. I have to run around on it and leave my footprints everywhere.
See, told you I was a big kid.
Mind you, like everyone else I do soon get fed up with it.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

The sun appearing on a snowy morn
snow turned gold by the dawn.
Occasionally it has a pink embrace
beautified by the suns early grace.
I love the sparkle as the sun rises
it`s stunning beauty always surprises.
A different look for every new day,
I wouldn`t have it any other way.
A daily art gallery that`s free
available for all to see.
A glittering morn, a blue sky
enough to lift the spirits high.
Wrapped up warm against the chill
a new snowy day is such a thrill!!

Personalised Penguin My Firs...

Christmas card, artist's...

Mini Christmas Pudding Lampw...

Ornament, Deer and Soft Snow...

winter blue snowy christmas ...

Snow Landscape Winter Tree a...

PDF PATTERN amigurumi Snowfa...

Women's Hand Knit Scarf ...

Fingerless Gloves " Ram...

Winter Nordic Reindeer Snowf...

Robin Red Breast Rustic Lino...

Robin Christmas Tree Decorat...

Crochet Slouchy Hat, men'...

Clear snow flake double glas...

Hand Knit Wool Knee Sock - W...

Fly High Penguin Mug Cup

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Hope you enjoyed today`s gorgeous array of wintery creations from the shops of Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.


  1. That's a lovely post! Now I want it to snow real soon :-) And paint it!
    Thank you so much for including my snow painting! I am in wonderful company I see!

  2. this is gorgeous, thank you so much for including my wreath. It really is starting to feel like christmas xxx

    1. It`s getting very close all of a sudden. Glad you liked it.

  3. Thank you for including my penguin mug! I'm pretty sure if it snowed here, it'd be hard for me to resist making footprints too! ;)