Stocking Fillers #Etsy

I called this stocking fillers but it can also apply to Office/Work gifts and Secret Santa`s.... and that reminds me that I really must get mine posted.
We don`t want these small gifts to be expensive but we do still want the recipient to like them and find them useful in some way. It`s such an expensive time of year and it`s such a waste to buy mass produced stuff that will end up in the bin with the wrapping paper.
So that means.... go the handmade route, quality and the right price.
Yesterday I decided that I was going to have a good sort out and tidy up in my craft room, besides getting a lot of other stuff done. To my delight I got it all done and it looks so much better and is more comfortable to work in.
I have a tall bookshelf in there that is overflowing with stuff, like padded envelopes, printer paper, craft books, as well as kids craft stuff and so much more. I think that will have to be the next project.
As usual, to see a bigger picture or a description, just click on the item to view it in the shop.

Don`t forget each stocking gift
the first thing through which they sift.
Happily amused for a while
sitting with a contented smile.
Some chocolate? A lovely treat
that they will no doubt eat
even before breakfast is ready
no good taking it nice and steady.
Christmas is for indulgence and fun
eating and drinking till the day is done.
With games, family and much laughter
for a wonderful happy ever after
of memories to always treasure
that bring joy beyond measure!!

Crochet vaseline holder keyr...

Embroidered Liberty Floral C...

Artist's book of Life,St...

This is a ceramic brooch in ...

Funky Farm Yard Animal Fused...

Sailing Boats Tea Bag Wallet...

Musical Bookmark, Gift for M...

Mini Notepad, Floral Design,...

Butterfly Keepsake Box

Black Ribbon Bow with Diaman...

Stocking filler floral fabri...

Blue Blossoms and Waves Japa...

trinket heart box/keepsake b...

Mini Sticky Notes Clipboards...

Chunky / Giant Hazel Crayons...

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Hope you enjoyed today`s fabulous selection of stocking fillers available from Etsy.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon.

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